Title: Bunurong Opening
Date: 16 December 2016

The official opening of the Bunurong Memorial Park was held on Sunday 17 April 2016. This short film highlights various interviews taken on the day of the opening and includes striking images of the project.
It is a world-class memorial park that engages with its diverse community and clientele and creates a memorable landscape experience.

Materials and detail throughout the complex are identifiably Australian, there are distinctive native plants combined with rusted steel landscape walls, red earth paths and berms, reflective water pools, and rammed earth walls. The eucalypt timber joinery, interior and exterior colours extend the repertoire of the buildings being ‘reverential’ backgrounds to the colour and energy of the gardens.

The Sanctuary reflection space was designed to provide a beautiful contemporary setting in which to honour and celebrate life.

Partially suspended over the edge of Lake Australis/Peace Lake, the Sanctuary is a spectacular & truly unique steel framed building, with uninterrupted water views. An impressive glass wall provides a very real connection between water and air, so you feel at one with the elements.

Video Courtesy of BVM


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