Transform your Vision into Reality

Bonacci Group Pty Ltd is a leading Engineering Design and Consulting firm based in Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to producing buildable and innovative design solutions whilst maintaining the integrity of environmental sustainability.

We were established in 1981 where we started out in a small office in Hawthorn, Victoria. As we continued to grow considerably and strengthen our reputation in the engineering design industry, we relocated to our current Abbotsford, Victoria office, and expanded into Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland. 

At Bonacci Group, we are specialised in providing engineering services in the disciplines of Structural, Civil and Facade. By developing innovative engineering approaches and implementing appropriate quality management systems, Bonacci Group have been recognised through receiving a number of national awards in the field of engineering. 

Along with our 37 years of industry expertise, we have a strong client-based approach where we actively search for solutions to:

  • Facilitate faster construction
  • Enhance the economic viability and build-ability of projects
  • Ensure projects are developed in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Develop innovative and creative design

We are always striving to create valuable relationships with our clients so we can thoroughly understand their vision to transform it into reality. Our skilled project teams have extensive experience in creating readily buildable structural designs that portray flair and stature whilst taking into consideration strategies to ensure that the project is economically viable. 

Aligning Creativity, Quality and Value