University of Technology, Sydney DNA Stair

A New Wonder in the Engineering Industry: University of Technology, Sydney Double Helix Stair

Have you ever envisioned a staircase that winds and twines like the helical structure of DNA?

Look no further.

The University of Technology, Sydney double helix stair is located at UTS Central where it is visible from the footpath through the glass façade of the new building.

The rare structure by FJMT architects was inspired by the repeating twin helical structure of DNA, and the steel fabrication and installation was performed by Active Metal Pty Ltd. 

Bonacci Group are pleased to have been involved in this remarkable project where our Senior Structural Engineer, Tom Urquhart, designed the three feature staircases. 

This complex project involved detailed finite element analysis of the spiral steel structure The long helical spans are achieved by using circular hollow sections as primary torsional members, with additional stiffness provided by the structural steel stair treads and balustrades.

UTS Central is one of the finalists for the prestigious World Architecture Festival awards. It is clear that the futuristic design of the building along with the innovative DNA stair is a breakthrough in both the fields of Architecture and Engineering. 

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