2016 Meriton Parramatta

Progress photo for the Meriton Parramatta site taken yesterday from a Drone . It's looking out west towards the Blue Mountains.
The East Tower (closest) is conventionally built with a jumped central core and outriggers at roof top plant. The core is almost topped out at level 39 above podium (4 levels above ground). The floors are trailing the jump by 6 floors.

The West Tower is a full floor jump form consisting of jumped columns, cores and spline walls. Currently this jump is at level 43 and the slabs are trailing below the jump by 2 floors. This is unusual to use this process in Sydney as the full floor jumps are normally a QLD initiative. The West tower has another 12 floors to top out - so quite a tall building.

Its worthwhile noting that 12 months ago this project was still building basement slabs so they have built 2 levels of basement, 4 podium levels and over 40 floors of residential in 12 months. A pretty good result in anyone's book.

If you look on the left hand side you can see another tower under construction with a crane. This is where our Parramatta office is located in Hunter St.